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Hoboman by Rainform



Rainform LLC

Based in Virginia, USA

CJ Norris


Press / Business contact:

Release date: Sept 30, 2023





Twitter (@rainformllc)


Hoboman is a story-driven 2D platformer set in space. Play as Pluto, a mechanic from the planet Voltra, who has lost everything to the hands of the evil Syndicat. Stow away on ships from planet to planet and brave the harsh environments that await you to uncover more about the Syndicat! Do you have what it takes to stop them and get your life back?

Key Features

Gameplay Details

  • Brave harsh environments as a hobo, just a man and his bindle

  • A retro look and feel, with pixel-art graphics and chiptune soundtrack

  • Vivid, open-ended levels to explore

  • Wild story filled with fun characters 

  • Creative collectibles which have an impact on the story

  • A whole host of mini-challenges with large variance in difficulty

  • Awesome boss fights

Hoboman's story is a wild mix of wacky characters, vibrant worlds, and is more involved than that of a typical platformer. Every aspect of the game plays into the story in some way. As you play you'll come across geodes in the game. There are 20 geodes in each level - 15 blue geodes which are scattered throughout the level, and 5 special geodes (red, yellow, green, white, and purple) which are awarded on completing a specific type of activity. Collecting all of a specific color geode either has an impact on the story, or unlocks a secret for the player. See if you can find them all! 

The game isn't all story though, there's plenty of fun platforming to be had, not to mention a handful of boss fights! The levels are designed to be large and open, allowing players to choose how they progress through the level, with many branches they can take to solve mini-challenges resulting in geodes. There are also no lives in the game, so players are encouraged to take some leaps of faith in order to find hidden areas. Campfires throughout the levels provide checkpoints for Hoboman to catch his breath before attempting more difficult areas.

About Rainform

CJ Norris founded Rainform in 2023 as a single-person indie game studio. Hoboman was created, written, developed, and produced by CJ. Artwork and music were ordered ad-hoc through Fiverr, credit for those assets goes to:

  •  Environment art: @miguello1980

  •  Character art: @toogooddesigns

  •  Music: @beatscribe




Rainform Logo (color)
Rainform Logo (black)
Rainform Logo (short)


Rainform grants all rights and permissions to use/copy/modify anything on this page for media distribution in all channels and mediums.

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