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Who We Are

Rainform is a small indie game development company with an interest in making fun modern games with a nostalgic feel, and a price point that is accessible to anyone.

We've always had a passion for both playing and making retro games. From the 1970s through the early 2000s, games were forced to limit themselves to the constraints of the hardware (the same constraints still exist for modern games, but the boundaries are much higher). Developers and artists worked within these early constraints to produce simple games that were fun, immersive, and are cornerstones of new games still coming out today. Though our studio's constraints are different, Rainform keeps that spirit alive. Working with a small budget and a small team we aim to deliver the best content we can to players. To do this, we leverage modern development tools and keep things simple so that we can put our time into the aspects of the game which we consider to be the most important. 

Our Mission


Games should be fun! It's that simple. Our desire to create retro games stems from what our small studio can accomplish on reasonable timelines, with minimal funding, and still be something the player can enjoy.


We strive to push creative boundaries, not necessarily technical ones. Technical boundaries tend to drive up development costs, and ultimately also exclude access for players without access to higher performing hardware. We strive for ways to give something new to as many players as possible.


Playing a game shouldn't break the bank. By keeping our costs low, we can bring fun games to players at a lower price as well, and in such a way that we don't need to introduce microtransactions or ads into our gameplay.

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